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Partnership & LLP

We have extensive experience in serving partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and understand that not all businesses wish to incorporate.


We are keen to work with you to assist you in achieving your business ambitions whilst protecting your assets and mitigating tax liabilities.

Our philosophy is quite simple: put a system in place that allows you to get on with what you do best - Generating profits.

We can deal with all of the work required to keep your business compliant whilst maximising available tax savings.  We offer a comprehensive range of  services leaving you to decide which you would like us to undertake, simply select the services that you think are best outsourced and continuing undertaking any you are happy doing yourself:

  • Bookkeeping VAT

  • Payroll

  • Management Accounts

  • Year End Accounts

  • Tax Planning & Mitigation

  • Partners’ Personal Tax

  • Business Expansion Planning

  • Finance staff review - Assessing the quality of and training your own bookkeeping staff as required

  • Systems Implementation – Systemising your business can save thousands of work hours, reduce your cost, increase sales and enhance the market value of your business

  • Software advice

  • Provide a Registered Office Service (for LLPs)

Commencing a New Partnership or LLP

If you are considering a new partnership we can assist you in advising the key areas to consider for your partnership agreement.  A simple partnership agreement at the outset can save considerable stress later if the partners have differing views of how the partnership should operate or a partner is unable to continue working.

We will advise on the best structure to achieve your preferred working arrangements, always keeping a keen eye on tax mitigation.

For Limited Liability Partnerships we can:


  • Check the availability of your proposed partnership name

  • Form the Partnership with Companies House

  • Preparing the statutory agreement

  • Completing the Partnership Registers

  • Setup a Partnership Tax record with HMRC

  • Registering the Partnership for VAT (If required)

If you are considering changing status from a Solte Trader to a Parnetship or LLP, we can:

  • Arrange the transfer of your VAT number to the new partnership

  • Prepare an opening balance sheet for the new business

  • Ensure that all previous owned assets are introudced to the new partnership to advid the postenital loss of tax relief.

We would invite you to meet with us to discuss the most advantageous arrangement for your business.


"Hurn Accountants in Reading made my experience of sorting out my Tax affairs painless. He took away all the pressure and worry that I had regarding my liability. I would recommend Bob at Hurn Accountants without question."

~Jo Butler


"Another year-end over! As ever on time, on budget and hassle free. I only wish I had found you many years ago. Please thank you team for their endeavours which are very much appreciated"

~Greg Hayes

Abattis Security Systems Limited.


"I have known Bob for only a few months, but during that time he has impressed me not only in his knowledge as an accountant, but also in his knowledge of business. His book is great and as the founder of The National Entrepreneurs Alliance Bob is doing lots for small businesses. I have no hesitation in recommending him. The UK needs more people like him right now!"

~Steve Mills

Steve Mills Marketing Limited

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